Group members


Welcome to the Meng's group in the Key Laboratory of Condensed Matter Theory and Computation, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. We are interested in numerical investigations on strongly correlated electron systems, especially employing and developing large-scale quantum Monte Carlo and cluster dynamic mean-field theory simulations. Currently our group has one PI (Zi Yang Meng), two postdoctoral researchers (Zheng Yan and Nvsen Ma) and 6 graduate students.


Prof. Zi Yang Meng

I joined the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOP, CAS) as an associate professor in August 2014 and become full Professor in August 2018. Before that I worked at the Department of Physics, University of Toronto as a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Hae-Young Kee and Prof. Yong-Baek Kim, and the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Louisiana State University as a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Mark Jarrell. I graduated from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, with a Ph.D. in theoretical condensed matter physics in 2011. My research specializes in strongly correlated electron systems and computational condensed matter physics, in particular quantum Monte Carlo and cluster dynamic mean field simulations. In this page you can find information about my research (on topics such as quantum magnetism, topological states of matter, quantum spin liquids, unconventional superconductivity, etc), publications, talks, lecture notes and codes, and last but not least, my causal writings about understanding of the world in and outside physics.

Current Members:

Dr. Zheng Yan(严正)

Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Nv Sen Ma (马女森)

Postdoctoral researcher

Guang Yu Sun (孙光宇)

4th year graudate student

Zi Hong Liu (刘子宏)

4th year graudate student

Chuang Chen (陈闯)

3rd year graduate student

Yuan Da Liao (廖元达)

3rd year graduate student

Wei Wang (王薇)

3rd year graduate student

Yu Zhi Liu (刘毓智)

2nd year graudate student

Former Members:

Dr. Yuan-Yao He (何院耀)

Postdoc at Flatlron Institute
(co-advisor Prof. Zhong-Yi Lu from Renmin University of China)

Dr. Yan-Cheng Wang (王艳成)

Assistant Professor at China University of Mining and Technology

Dr. Xiao Yan Xu (许霄琰)

Postdoc at HKUST, Hong Kong, China
(co-advisor Prof. Zhong Fang from IOP, CAS)

Dr. Yan Qi Qin (秦彦齐)

Analyst at CCBFund, Beijing, China
(co-advisor Prof. Zhong Fang from IOP, CAS)


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