2019.09 - 2019.11 Hong Kong Computational Physics Study Group

Zi Yang Meng:

    Presentation: Introduction to fermionic quantum Monte Carlo Simulations

Gaopei Pan:

    Tutorial: Solving Spin Fermion Model with DQMC
    DQMC Detail

Chuhao Li:

    Tutorial: Solving Spin Fermion Model with DQMC
    Julia Introduction, DQMC Notebook

2019.09 - 2019.12 HKU PHYS3151: Machine Learning in Physics

Lecturer:   Zi Yang Meng

Tutor:   Jiarui Zhao

    Link to the course materials

2019.07.15-08.02 2019 Beijing Summer School on Quantum Magnetism

Zi Yang Meng:

    Lecture: What we talk about When we talk about fermion QMC

Gaopei Pan:

    Tutorial: Solving Spin Fermion Model with DQMC
    simple note

2019.06.10-15 Advances in strongly correlated electronic systems (ASCES2019), Minneapolis

Zi Yang Meng:

    Presentation: Solving metallic quantum criticality in a casino
    html, ppt

2019.04.19-21 The 9th Workshop on Quantum Many-Body Computation, Beijing

Zi Yang Meng:

    Tutorial: What we talk about when we talk about fermion criticality

2018.9.19 - 2018.9.21 3rd International Symposium on Research and Education of Computational Science (RECS)

Zi Hong Liu:

    Tutorial: A brief introduction of DQMC study in itinerant quantum critical point
    note, ppt, code

2017.10.30 - 2017.11.1 IOP Frontier of Condensed Matter Theories

Zi Yang Meng:

  1. Lecture 1: Monte Carlo basic examples
  2. Lecture 2: Monte Carlo recent examples

2016.8.1 - 2016.8.21 UCAS Summer School

Zi Yang Meng:

  1. Determinantal quantum Monte Carlo: Algorithm and Measurements Basic lecture notes
    hand-written, ppt

  2. Determinantal quantum Monte Carlo: application to quantum phase transition and interaction effects in topological state of matter
    SU(4) Dirac fermion

Xiao Yan Xu:

    Tutorial: Solving square lattice Hubbard Model with DQMC
    Note, Manual, Code